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Welcome to PROPS - Professionals Recommending Other Professionals

PROPS is proud to introduce our newly formed organization - founded in May 2017. Our former chapter of business and trade professionals formed in 2004, yearned for more out of the typical referral group. We were tired of paying dues for little to no support from the referral company, and needed to find a way to be more efficient and effective during our weekly meetings. So PROPS was founded.

Our chapter goes beyond the exclusive categories of business and providing qualified referrals to each other, by upholding standards that far exceed other referral groups.

  • We provide ongoing training to support our member's businesses by teaching members how to market and grow their business. Our new members are given a comprehensive orientation which consists of three separate trainings. Each training segment provides the new member with support in getting acclimated with other members of the group to identify those power partners that have the ability to recommend quickly, so little time is wasted before recommendations are given on both ends.
  • We don't provide referrals, we provide heartfelt recommendations. Our chapter members are expected to have a complete understanding of each other's businesses by giving each member time to showcase their unique services. In addition, we provide ongoing training to assist each member to better identify prospective customers in need of the unique services represented.
  • We realize just how valuable everyone's time is and the last thing we want to do is waste it, which is why we've structured our weekly chapter meetings unlike others. We don't fill our meetings with unnecessary chatter and procedures. If you're not receiving/giving recommendations, marketing your profession, or participating in a training session, then you are not in a PROPS chapter meeting.
  • Included with your membership is free advertising on our Chapter website and our Facebook page.

Come see why you are wasting valuable time and money if you're not a PROPS member!

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